2020 European Rowing Championships

9 – 11 October 2020 Poznan, POL

covid rules

Follow the rules

  1. Pre-Check Questionnaire needed

    Forms need to be filled in on 2-4th October 2020 and delivered via e-mail: [email protected] till 5th October.
  2. Facemask requirements

    You need to wear a facemask all the time at the venue. The facemask is not required only when you are in boat.
  3. Hand sanitizing

    When entering any buildings or zones you need to sanitize your hands using provided hand sanitizers.
  4. Keeping distance

    It is highly important to keep social distancing from other people. You have to minimize physical contact with others as much as possible.
  5. Looking for symptoms

    If you or any other person experience COVID-19 related symptoms you have to contact FISA / ERB office and FISA doctor as soon as possible.
  6. Transportation, bag storage, lunch and on-venue facilities

    Shuttle service will provide dedicated transportation. Respect the maximum number of people in the vehicle. Bag storage will be contactless using your accreditation card. Lunch will be served at the venue or in the hotel. Respect all safety rules.
  7. Accreditation office

    The Accreditation Office can only be visited by the designated Team Manager of the National Federation.
  8. Information center

    The Information Center will be closed during the event. All information will be distributed paperlessly using official communication channels: WhatsApp group, webpages: worldrowing.com, erch2020.eu and mobile app ERCH 2020 for iOS and Android.
  9. Team tents

    Teams have no possibility to bring and set up their own tent. The OC provides dedicated tents for teams – in correspondence to individual orders.
  10. Ceremonies

    The opening and closing ceremony will be available only for designated Team Managers of the National Federations. There will be Internet live video stream available during the ceremonies
  11. Showers & changing rooms

    During all event changing rooms will be available for teams. Showers will be closed and available only upon request on Sunday.
  12. Grandstands

    During the event grandstands remain open. Keep distance and use every other seat.